Wish to Fish Louisiana
Wish to Fish Louisiana” was organized with a goal to get kids off the streets, out of the house, away from the TV and video games and into the great outdoors.

It is easy for us to SAY “take your child fishing,” however, due to lack of equipment and other essentials needed for a day on the water, not everyone has the ability to just pack up and take their kids fishing. Therefore, some children may not get the chance to experience the great outdoors. Wish to Fish can give them that chance with emphasis on the importance of conservation and exploration. A day on the water fishing and learning about our natural habitats can afford children the opportunity to feel like they are a part of something. We believe providing and initiating an awareness program for children to become familiar with the outdoors can lead them to be more compassionate about their surroundings. Instead of staying inside watching movies or playing video games these children may WISH to get back to the outdoors time and time again, even if it is only to the waters edge to dip their feet or cast a line.